Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Deck the Halls...

I wanted to share some pictures of a client's house who hired me to decorate for Christmas and the holidays.  I've posted the "before" pictures first, followed by the "after/decorated" pictures.
I absolutely love decorating for the holidays!  I especially love taking items clients already have and using them in new ways!  This particular client already had some wonderful pieces to work with, so I just had to get my creative juices going and see how we could use them in new and fun ways.  Please write and send pictures and let me know how you decorated for the holidays.  I'd love to share them with my blog readers.  Pictures can be sent to

View of the Kitchen Windows

View of the Kitchen Table Before

View of the Kitchen Table After...I changed the linens and used
a container she already had for the fresh arrangement.
I incorporated linens she had in storage, as well!

View of the Upstairs Mantle Before

View of the Mantle After

View of the Downstairs Mantle Before

View of the Downstairs Mantle After...
(Notice I moved the copper pot and replaced it
with another container my client already had.
I filled the container with Christmas color
flowers, greenery and berries).

View of the upstairs sitting area before...

View of the upstairs sitting area after...simply added
a fresh floral arrangement in red and green.

Same sitting area with another fresh arrangement

View of the Dining Room Before

View of the Dining Room After


Before pics with silk arrangement

After pic with fresh flowers

Before picture of outside balcony

After picture of outside balcony

I hope you enjoyed these "before" and "after" Christmas decoration pictures.  
Please don't forget to share your holiday decorations and tablescapes!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year,

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