Thursday, September 24, 2009

Franklin Bridal Ball 2009

Well, we just finished the 2009 Franklin Bridal Ball at the Factory at Franklin, and Anna and I had a fabulous time! We definitely tried to incorporate our signature Hot Pink and Green in the booth.

So, to get ready for the FBB we enlisted the help of some wonderfully talented people! Who knew that our husbands were so great at tying bows and stuffing gift bags. You'll have to check out my adorable daughter too, as she was so proud to be my helper as I prepared the floral arrangements in my kitchen!

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Here are some more pictures of our booth. Thanks to all the brides (and grooms, and mothers and friends) who stopped by to see us. We met some super sweet people, and we had a lot of fun getting ready for the event. By the way, for those that stopped and asked, "YES we do make custom pom poms in your choice of colors."

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  1. Hi, Steph,
    I've enjoyed looking at the pics from FBB and now I know why you needed advice on the tall vases with the flowers. You did a beautiful job and I look forward to all your blog entries and coming to the store.
    All the best,