Wednesday, November 25, 2009

It's Beginning to Look a Lot like Christmas!

We had a fabulous Holiday Open House last night.  A special thank you to all of our customers who stopped by to shop and share in the holiday cheer!  We were especially excited about the money we raised from 6-8 that benefitted the Minnie Pearl Foundation here in Nashville.  What a great excuse to shop!

Lulu, our famous girl, gets dazzled for the holidays in a fur-trimmed dress!

Jason Parker Counce-designed snowmen and elves!  Doesn't he do fabulous work!

When I was desinging the dessert/candy buffet, I went with a Red and White theme, complete with two topiary peppermint trees and a peppermint ball as the center of our petit four display.
Here's the candy/dessert buffet menu:

  • Santa Baby Cakes
  • Mini Eggnog Cupcakes
  • Christmas Petit Fours
  • White Chocolate Pretzel Rods
  • Dark Chocolate Pretzel Rods
  • Naughty and Nice Gingerbread Cookies
  • Cocoa Tassies with Peppermint Cream Icing
  • White Chocolate Cherry Blondies
  • Holiday M&Ms
  • Chocolate Covered Pecans
  • O'Christmas Tree Sugar Cookies

Some photos from the holiday candy buffet I designed for the night.

(Anna adding the petit fours before guests arrive)

A little hard to tell with this picture, but this is the "Nice" set of gingerbread cookies.  "Nice" is written in metallic below this frame.

This is the "naughty" side of the gingerbread cookies.  As you can see, someone's been a little "naughty" and already gotten into the cookies!

Naughty and Nice side-by-side

Anna and I in front of the finished display, waiting for our customers to arrive.

Anna, Lamar with Just in Time Services (the best bartender around) and Stephanie

Anna posing with Lulu (check out Anna's boots!)

Anna, Ashley from Ashley's Bride Guide, and Stephanie

Ashley from Ashley's Bride Guide and Hillary from Brocade Design Arts

Sarah, (store manager and our resident Stationery Expert), Anna and Maggie Scarlata

Okay, so we live in Music City and we had to showcase these boots again!

The You're Invited Girls
Lori, Ashley, Stephanie, Anna, Sarah and Yvonne

Thanks again for making our holiday open house such a success!

Happy Holidays (and Happy Thanksgiving)!

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