Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Meet Sarah Smithson, You're Invited Store Manager and Stationery Specialist

We are so excited to introduce our blog readers to Sarah!

Sarah Smithson and Anna Peebles

Sarah Teasley Smithson, Nashville native, has been in the stationery industry for over 20 years. She is the store manager of You're Invited and has extensive experience in stationery etiquette.

Her parents, Nancy and Frank Rickey, first brought Sarah into the industry. They owned 2 locations of Pen and Paper, Inc. for over 20 years (one was located in Green Hills and the other location in Church Street Plaza). When her parents started that business, Sarah was working as a full-time nurse. Her parents asked her to come manage their stores, and Sarah agreed to do it. Although at first it was with a little hesitation because Sarah loved working with patients so much. Little did she know that she would fall in love with the stationery and gift business! She was able to combine her love of working with people (just like she loved her patients) with her love for stationery. Sarah immediately became immersed in the industry. She went to New York to attend Crane and Company classes. There she learned the ins and outs of stationery etiquette. Sarah's knowledge in stationery also grew from her mother's assistance. Nancy Rickey shared her wealth of knowledge with Sarah, as they worked together in the family business.
In 1999, her parents retired from the stationery business. Immediately Sarah, along with her very loyal customers, moved to You're Invited Gifts and Paper in Belle Meade. Sarah continues to serve as the store manager and stationery specialist today! She is a wonderful asset to the store not only because of her fun personality but also because of her ability to work with clients on any of their stationery needs. She's able to work with customers with any budget to find an invitation that will match their style and price point.
Sarah's favorite part of her job is working with clients and really getting to know her customers.
She's been in the business long enough that her most loyal customers started by buying their wedding invitations from her, then their birth announcements, followed by children's birthday party invites and now their children's wedding invitations. Now that's a loyal following!

We wanted to make sure to introduce our readers to our resident stationery expert!
Each month, we're going to have "Ask Sarah" days where she'll answer questions that customers and readers send in. Sarah is very excited to start hearing from y'all! You can send questions or comments in via our blog, directly to her email at sarah@yistationery.com or by calling her at 615.353.5520.

Have a great Monday!

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