Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Signature Drinks

As I work with my clients, I always try to incorporate something unique into their wedding or event.  One easy way to do that is with a signature drink.  Yesterday, I posted fabulous beverage dispensers for signature drinks and cocktails.  Today, I'm featuring individual glasses filled with a signature drink.

Signature Drinks

Tips on Signature Drinks:

  1. Use festive glassware for your signaure drink
  2. Display them on great trays, on sheets of plexiglass elevated with various materials (glassblocks, glass vases, etc), or in antique containers that have been repurposed for your wedding or event.
  3. Use fun garnishes, such as skewers of fruit, custom stir sticks, or whimsical straws
  4. Use your wedding colors as the starting point for your signature drink!
  5. Come up with creative names for your drinks and have custom cocktail menus printed and framed on the bar
  6. Have custom napkins printed (DIY-stamp them yourself)


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